Leaf Capital

Leaf Special Opportunities

Leaf Special Opportunities is an open- ended investment holding company established in 2017 to focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in the South African listed and unlisted market. Our capital structure allows us to be long-term value investors, as we are not under external pressure to invest or exit our investments.

The company’s purpose is to invest in growth and turnaround opportunities where we believe we can make a difference and create value. We achieve this by partnering with strong management teams, by transforming strategy and operations, and through the provision of capital. We have a strong investment track record with well-established networks that underpin deal flow and execution.

Our investment criteria is largely sector and size agnostic and we will look at each investment with an entrepreneurial and opportunistic mindset.

Leaf Special Opportunities Team

Jacqui Hathorn

Founder & Director

Jacqui Hathorn established Leaf Capital in 2004, together with Paul Leaf-Wright. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce C.A.I.B. degree. During her years in the banking sector, Jacqui’s activities included chairing regional credit committees, due diligence on acquisitions, formation and operations of BEE alliances, international and local mergers of major business and the disposal of non-core companies.

Jacqui held various roles in BoE (subsequently Nedbank Ltd). These included managing private wealth operations, head of finance, Head of strategy, and merger integration.

While working at Leaf Capital Jacqui began in the Corporate Finance division. She then moved on to establish the Leaf Private Equity fund (now known as Infinitus). At times Jacqui has placed her focus on Leaf Capital’s property division. Currently Jacqui currently overseas the South African operations at Leaf Capital.